Customizable Enhanced Football Broadcasts : national championship broadcast

ESPN aired its first-ever 4K National Championship broadcast, which was available on Comcast, DirecTV, and Altice. The National Championship was played between LSU and Clemson and it marked the end of the college football season. The broadcast also featured a Feld Pass view, which was sponsored by Samsung, and it provided game commentary as well as a SkyCam angle.

College Football fans also had the ability to use the ESPN App to access the RefCam, which lets viewers see the game from behind the quarterback, where one of the refs stand.

ESPN’s 4K National Championship broadcast allowed fans to view the game in a higher picture quality than what they are previously accustomed to, which could have enhanced the experience for fans. Additionally allowing fans to access different camera angels allows them to have a more customizable viewing experience.

Image Credit: ESPN

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