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Lipstick-Coordinated Intimates : colorful underwear

Bite Beauty and Parade teamed up for a colorful underwear collaboration that celebrates both brands’ commitment to empowering people with feel-good products. As Parade co-founder and CEO Cami Téllez says, “Together, this collection of three lipsticks speaks to what our customer wants today—beautiful, ethical, and personal self-expression.” The unexpected collaboration introduces underwear and Lip Crayon …

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Meaty Aromatic Veggie Burgers : Ultimate Plant-Based Burger

Consumer demand for meat alternative products is continuing to grow, which is seeing new options like the Gardein Ultimate Plant-Based Burger be introduced to the mainstream market. The new meatless burger option from the Conagra Brands-owned brand is crafted without the use of soy ingredients and is reported to have a versatile profile that will …

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Denim-Specific Detergents : Laundress Denim Wash

The Laundress Denim Wash is specially designed to clean and preserve the material while ensuring color doesn’t run or fade. The product is part of the brand’s artisan detergent range that also includes products used to wash delicates or performance sportswear items specifically. The Laundress Denim Wash detergent consists of non-toxic, allergy-free and cruelty-free ingredients …

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