Bread-Themed Hotel Rooms : Bread & Breakfast

Carb-lovers can now fulfill their dream of staying instead of a bakery thanks to the new bread-themed hotel room by the ‘Bread & Breakfast’ suite. This unique room is located in New York City’s iconic Refinery Hotel and will officially open Friday, January 17th (also known as ‘National Ditch Your Resolution Day’) until January 31.

This carb-infused wonderland is filled with the aroma of freshly baked goods and features a minibar with a bakery case, a stockpile of assorted pastries, and a bespoke toaster. For those who prefer breakfast-themed carbs, the Bread & Breakfast suite also includes a cereal bar, fresh bagels, a donut wall, all with butter, jam, and cream cheese as additional condiments. If you’re craving more than these delicacies listed above, guests all have a $100 credit for a carefully curated room service menu.

The Bread & Breakfast suite also includes some novelty decor including croissant pillows, toast-shaped headboard — dubbed a breadboard — and a customized, take-home robe with the word “Carbivore” embroidered on it.

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