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Expensive Nadia,

I fear about my husband and the way alcohol impacts his diabetes. He often has two glasses of wine an evening with dinner. Is that an excessive amount of?



Expensive Kate,

Alcohol is such an enormous a part of on a regular basis rest and celebration for a lot of. From a tough days at work, sport occasions, birthdays, graduations to weddings.

Most individuals with diabetes can devour alcohol nevertheless it actually depends upon how properly they can handle their diabetes and what sort of treatment they’re taking.

Ensure you examine in together with your pharmacist and doctor to insure any treatment that’s prescribed to your husband, doesn’t have contraindication to his alcohol consumption.

The most important concern with consuming and diabetes is how your blood sugar responds.  A number of drinks will enhance your husband’s blood sugar or he might expertise a low blood sugar and turns into unaware of the signs as a result of hypoglycemia could be just like feeling inebriated;  drained, dizzy and disoriented.


Consuming alcohol whereas taking insulin or sort 2 treatment could cause a hypoglycemia episode. It takes the liver two hours to metabolize one alcoholic drink. In case your husband takes treatment that stimulates the pancreas to supply extra insulin, then he may expertise a low blood sugar. An excessive amount of insulin on this case might create hypoglycemia.

It’s necessary to your husband to examine his blood sugar earlier than he goes to mattress. The really useful vary is 100-140 mg/dl. If his blood sugar is decrease, than this vary,  the American Diabetes Affiliation recommends having a snack.


Ingesting alcohol can enhance your husband’s urge for food inflicting him to eat extra.

It’s additionally harder to remain inside a dietary regiment once you drink. Additional carbs will elevate blood sugars.

It is usually really useful to check your blood sugar earlier than you begin consuming.

See in case your husband is prepared to have  water in between his drinks and if he can sip his alcoholic drinks slowly.

Different Suggestions

~ Keep away from combined and sweetened drinks

~ Ensure you have eaten earlier than consuming

~Check your blood sugar earlier than consuming and at bedtime.

~ By no means have multiple drink and wait till the alcohol is out of your system earlier than you use a automobile.

~ Put on a medical identification bracelet in case you will have an emergency

~ Have glucose useful for a hypoglycemia remedy

Keep away from alcohol in case you

~ Have a historical past of extreme hypoglycemia

~ Have hypoglycemia unawareness

~ Have diabetic neuropathy

Who Ought to Not Drink

Below age younger adults, pregnant girls and individuals who take medicines with contraindication shouldn’t drink alcohol.

Talk about your prescription and over-the-counter treatment together with your healthcare skilled to be taught extra about which treatment point out no alcohol consumption.

Well being.Gov Suggestions

~ 1 drink per day for girls

~ 2 drinks per day for males

Word all alcoholic drinks should not equal. The dimensions of the glass, the kind of alcohol and the alcohol % defines what is taken into account one drink.

In your husband’s case; 5 ounces of wine that’s 12% proof is taken into account one serving. The day by day suggestion is to not exceed two 5 ounce parts that’s 12% alcohol.

Utilizing a measuring cup to be taught what 5 ounces appears like will assist with portion management.

Let’s say your husband needs to have beer whereas at a aprty. 12 ounces of beer that has 4.2% alcohol . This may rely as one serving.  Let’s say he additionally needs so as to add a shot of distilled liquor; 1.5 ounces that’s 80% proof,  it will rely as his second serving. The excellent news is that he can nonetheless get pleasure from consuming whereas watching the sport, assuming his blood sugars are inside his physicians really useful vary and that he’s not taking treatment that’s contraindicated with alcohol. He will even be inside his really useful  day by day allowance for alcoholic drinks.

Alcoholic Drink-Equivalents  of Choose Drinks by Well being.Gov

Drink Description Drink-Equivalents
Beer, beer coolers, and malt drinks
12 fl ouncesat 4.2% alcohol 0.8
12 fl ouncesat 5% alcohol (reference beverage) 1
16 fl ouncesat 5% alcohol 1.3
12 fl ouncesat 7% alcohol 1.4
12 fl ouncesat 9% alcohol 1.8
5 fl ouncesat 12% alcohol (reference beverage) 1
9 fl ouncesat 12% alcohol 1.8
5 fl ouncesat 15% alcohol 1.3
5 fl ouncesat 17% alcohol 1.4
Distilled spirits
1.5 fl oz 80 proof distilled spirits (40% alcohol)

(reference beverage)

Combined drink with greater than 1.5 fl oz 80 proof distilled spirits (40% alcohol) > 1d

One alcoholic drink-equivalent is outlined as containing 14 grams (0.6 fl oz) of pure alcohol. The next are reference drinks which might be one alcoholic drink-equivalent: 12 fluid ounces of normal beer (5% alcohol), 5 fluid ounces of wine (12% alcohol), or 1.5 fluid ounces of 80 proof distilled spirits (40% alcohol). Drink-equivalents should not supposed to function an ordinary drink definition for normal drinks.

Too A lot Alcohol

Extreme consuming is when a girls devour greater than Four alcoholic drinks per day or Eight or extra alcoholic drinks per week.

For males extreme consuming is 5 or extra alcoholic drinks per day or 15 or extra alcoholic drinks per week.

Binge Ingesting

That is outlined by what number of drinks you will have in two hours. What defines an excessive amount of?

~ Girls that drink 5 or extra drinks inside a two hour interval are categorised as binge drinkers.

~ Males who devour Eight or extra alcoholic drinks inside a 2 hour interval are additionally categorised as binge drinkers.

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 Well being Gov

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