Acceleration-Restricted Electric Vehicles : gas-powered car

Mazda reduced the power and range of EV in order to make it operate more similarly to a gas-powered car. The ‘MX-30’ now takes nine seconds to accelerate to 60 MPH, and the torque was reduced to 192 pound-feet of torque. The car is powered by a 35.5 kWh battery, which has a range of 120 miles. Increasing the range of the car is not a priority of the company, as Mazda stated that larger EV batteries have adverse effects on the environment.

Many drivers are used to operating a gas-powered car, and the ‘MX-30’ will now provide an experience more similar to what drivers are used to. Electric cars are often able to accelerate faster due the absence of gears, this could cause some drivers to accelerate too fast if they are not familiar with EVs.

Image Credit: Mazda

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