6 Common Skin Care Mistakes

6 Common Skin Care Mistakes

By Rebecca Mabee


What’s up guys? For immediately’s agenda, I considered discussing about myths in skincare. I undoubtedly acquired lots of ridiculous issues floating on-line and a few individuals truly assume that they’re true so I believed it might be good if I sat down and talk about about it. I noticed totally different sorts of points and can present you guys what I’ve seen and debunk them for you, telling you why they’re not true, why they’re a fantasy and why some, if not most, of them wouldn’t work. So let’s get into it.




So, for my first fantasy, I made a decision to go together with the truth that individuals assume you may get zits simply since you don’t wash your face and that’s actually not true in any respect. If it’s simply so simple as not washing your face, I don’t assume anyone would have zits. I don’t assume it might be an excellent dangerous zits. With cystic zits, that may be washing their face like on a regular basis, attempting to get rid their zits. So it simply appears a bit bit outrageous to me, I imply that undoubtedly gave me part of it. When you’re not taking good care of your pores and skin, for those who’re not cleansing it correctly, for those who’re not utilizing the appropriate cleaning soap on your pores and skin, it might make you get away. This isn’t the principle cause why you have got zits so I undoubtedly would go away that one for you, to type of let that that’s undoubtedly a fantasy. So, maintain washing your face however don’t assume that simply since you didn’t wash your face otherwise you don’t wash it sufficient, that’s the one cause why you have got zits.




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Something that’s pure or chemical free should be higher for you than different skincare merchandise. That’s undoubtedly one which must be addressed proper now as a result of lots of merchandise, lots of firms (particularly zits firms) are extra like, “Oh our firm’s pure” “It’s fairly wonderful” “it’s good on your pores and skin and being extra natural and pure is means higher for you.” In some instances, that stuff is admittedly true however it type of relies on the individual. instance is issues like pores and skin peels or chemical peels on your face. Lots of substances that some firms use are pure however does that imply it’s good on your pores and skin? That it’s higher on your pores and skin than one thing else? Completely not! Not all people wants the chemical peel.. not all people wants the pure natural merchandise.. It’s simply one thing that may profit and show you how to if it’s proper on your pores and skin. So my recommendation to you for those who do use pure, natural merchandise is that you simply take note of the expiration date and do not forget that preservatives in your merchandise can develop molds or they’ll develop yeast like actually quick so that you undoubtedly must test these expiration dates and simply do not forget that simply because it’s pure and natural doesn’t imply it’s the appropriate pores and skin take care of you or that it’s gonna be higher than the rest. You have to just remember to’re doing your personal analysis, it’s good to be sure to take note of the substances and it’s good to kinda get to know your pores and skin earlier than you make the pure soar or go all pure. You undoubtedly must know what’s proper on your pores and skin.



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Fable #Three is about washing your face with scorching water and the way it’s going to be one of the best ways to open up your pores and one of the best ways to wash your pores and skin. So I’d undoubtedly say this can be a fantasy as a result of with extraordinarily scorching water or actually scorching water, it might open your pores nevertheless you would possibly find yourself drying your pores and skin. You would possibly find yourself along with your stripping off your pores and skin’s pure and protecting barrier. You would possibly strip vitamins out of your pores and skin as effectively if the water is simply too scorching. So it’s greatest to make use of lukewarm water as a substitute – one thing that’s not scalding scorching – like steam is admittedly good on your pores and skin. Steam is unquestionably a great one however taking a scorching, scalding bathe or washing your face with scorching water since you wish to open your pores is unquestionably not good on your pores and skin. I’d say simply heat water could be my greatest wager as a result of heat water actually does assist open your pores.



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Okay, fantasy #4. So these are for the those who let you know that if it burns, it’s working. And I’m right here to let you know that it’s undoubtedly not true. If it’s burning in your pores and skin, it’s good to take away it with a washcloth. You have to get it off your face as a result of burning sensation may imply that you’ve delicate pores and skin or it may imply you’re having an allergic response. It may imply a complete bunch of various issues so when it’s stinging, it doesn’t imply that it’s not working (more often than not). It could possibly be harming your pores and skin and doing harm and also you don’t even learn about it.



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Fable #5 goes to be the truth that individuals say that the tougher you scrub, the extra it seems clear, the higher your pores and skin is and that’s not true. Really, that freaks me out as a result of I do know what overdoing it could actually truly do to your pores and skin. It will possibly do far more hurt than good. You possibly can be stripping off reside pores and skin cells. You possibly can be placing holes or microscopic scrapes in your face. It may trigger irritation and dryness, it may trigger different pores and skin issues that you could possibly give you. So simply because it’s tremendous scrubby doesn’t imply it’s proper on your pores and skin and simply since you’re scrubbing for 15 minutes doesn’t imply your exfoliating. You possibly can be exfoliating the useless pores and skin however you could possibly be exfoliating the reside pores and skin cells as effectively and people pores and skin cells aren’t prepared to return off and that might trigger much more issues than you assume you’re already having. I hardly manually exfoliate as a result of I do extra like chemical exfoliation through the use of Pumpkin Enzyme Masque from BANISH. That is one in all my favorites as a result of it’s chemically exfoliating your pores and skin so there’s actually no scrubbing in any respect. The Pumpkin Enzyme Masque — the substances in it — is definitely working chemically to eat up the useless pores and skin cells and assist your pores and skin look tremendous wonderful.



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For my remaining fantasy, this one’s in all probability like crucial one to me as a result of I’d get this and I nonetheless hear this on a regular basis, on a regular basis. Somebody talked about, in a technique or one other, that when you’ve got oily pores and skin, you don’t want a moisturizer anymore. That is undoubtedly a fantasy as a result of lots of instances, when you’ve got oily pores and skin or in case your pores and skin modified and turn into extra oily, that is in all probability since you’re dehydrated and that’s often an enormous indicator as a result of in case your pores and skin’s dehydrated, then it’s going to turn into extra oily as a result of it’s sending oil to the floor to type of moisturize your pores and skin and maintain it hydrated so subsequently you have got extra oil on the face. The considering that “Oh if I’ve oil and I put moisturizer on it, my pores and skin is gonna be extra greasy” just isn’t essentially true. You have to discover a moisturizer that works for you. You have to discover a moisturizer for greasy pores and skin. You have to drink water and hydrate your self to assist rehydrate your pores and skin. Simply because you have got oily pores and skin doesn’t imply you shouldn’t use a moisturizer as a result of all people wants moisture of their life.

So this mainly wraps every little thing up for immediately. These are the 6 myths that I attempted to debunk for you. Being a licensed aesthetician, I do get lots of questions much like this so hopefully I used to be in a position to assist out in answering a few of them. Bye for now! xoxo

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